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Bespoke Newborn Pre & Post Natal Education

Bespoke Newborn Pre & Post Natal Education



Duration: 2.5 Hours

Suitability: Mothers, fathers, intended parents and families wanting education prior to birth

We create a bespoke education session for you (and your family if required) that covers everything you need to get started with your new family.


    What we offer

    We offer an initial consultation (30 minutes) via telephone where we find out exactly what it is you are wanting to cover for the education for the birth of your child. This can differ from parents, some want pre and postnatal, intended parents with surrogacy may want more bespoke on the surrogacy details and/or just the postnatal education. Some parents prefer it tailored around the practical side of how it works after the birth, setting up the nursery and what to buy or even relationship advice.

    After this we create the bespoke training for you and book you in for (2 Hours) either in person (subject to availability and location) or via FaceTime/Zoom.

    Moving Forward

    We create notes and provide you with information from the session which you can keep for your own records. The most important thing is that you feel confident in moving forward with it and it aligns with your family, so we welcome your feedback and any questions throughout on it also.

    After the session we offer 24 hours support from via text message/phone/email, whatever is best suited to your needs. We find there are always questions afterwards that the parents come up with!

    Ongoing Care

    When baby is born we suggest booking one of our packages for assistance.

    Once you have used any of our services we charge AU$65- for an updated routine whenever you need it. These are useful when developmental milestones hit and we already have the history of your child.

    We also offer a 24 hour text message Service to answer any of your questions that may arise which you can purchase here.

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    Please note the health and safety of your children is imperative to us. We follow safe sleeping practices in line with SIDS, AAP and WHO recommendations. Please check our Terms of Service for more details.