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Surrogacy Journey

Surrogacy Journey



Duration: From the start of your surrogacy journey right through to postnatal care should you require ($95+/hour)

Suitability: For Intended Parents of Surrogacy

Have one of our highly experienced surrogacy childcare consultants support you on your surrogacy journey from start to finish.


    What we offer

    Being an Intended Parent can be a long and sometimes very stressful journey. Have us carry the load and help support you on your journey from start to finish. We can assist with anything from guidance on agencies and selecting candidates, through to putting you in touch with trusted contacts within the industry, whilst giving professional guidance tailored to your family's needs.

    Moving Forward

    We construct a plan with you moving forward suited to your family and intended child/ren. We create notes and provide you with information from any sessions which you can keep for your own records. We are there to assist with whatever may arise from start to finish. We are there as your support system.

    Ongoing Care

    When your baby is born we suggest booking in with one of our packages for assistance.

    We also offer a 24 hour text message Service to answer any of your questions that may arise which you can purchase here.

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    Please note the health and safety of your children is imperative to us. We follow safe sleeping practices in line with SIDS, AAP and WHO recommendations. Please check our Terms of Service for more details.