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LIVE Q&A - Caroline Bilkey speaking all about Sleep

Caroline Bilkey is an OCN registered Maternity Nurse in the United Kingdom. She gained her OCN qualification of Levels 4 and 5 in London, along with completing courses in Baby Sleep Consulting and Baby Massage. In New Zealand and Australia we use the term Maternity Nanny. She has extensive experience working worldwide for families, often flown out to last minute foreign destinations to assist families wanting to learn settling techniques and routines. Caroline understands the importance of Sleep. Having worked in childcare for 16 years and having worked with over 500 babies, her very gentle sleep coaching methods and problem solving have seen her assist many families far and wide. Caroline has worked regularly when in New Zealand as a Maternity Nurse for Maternal Mental Health and Oranga Tamariki, assisting some of the most vulnerable in the community. She has a real interest in maternal support and assisting with coaching parents and families as a whole.

Facebook: @mummyswhispers
Instagram: @mummys_whispers

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