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LIVE Q&A - Jo Robertson on Practical Parenting Antenatal

Jo Robertson is a sex therapist who specialises in perinatal care, sexual dysfunction e.g. sexual pain and libido loss, and betrayal/infidelity in relationships. She has worked for over a decade in sexual health and is the co-founder of the Practical Parenting Antenatal course which seeks to provide a more holistic approach to antenatal education - preparing parents for not just the birth of their baby, but also how to maintain mental health, have a strong relationship, build intimacy, and life with a newborn. Jo has a wonderful husband Dave, and 3 boys Jack (7), Beau (5) and Danny (3). Listen to Jo speak to us openly and candidly about her job in helping women and families.

Instagram: @jo.robertson

    9th October 2020


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